The rude comments that ruined Jordan Constable's wedding dress shopping experience.

Finding The One is arguably one of the most important parts of this getting married business. Finding The Dress is a close second.

Shopping for said frock usually takes place with champagne and loved ones who will gush about how incredible you look. Sadly, this wasn’t the case for Jordan Constable’s. In fact, it was the opposite.

Appearing in an upcoming episode of Say Yes To The Dress UK, the bride-to-be was reduced to tears after she was fat-shamed during her wedding dress search.

If that wasn’t bad enough, the comment didn’t come from a stranger, but a member of the 22 year-old’s party – her aunt.

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“Oh, no. I haven’t got anything nice to say so my mum always said don’t say anything if you’ve not got anything nice to day,” she remarked as the recruitment consultant stepped out in a $2890 Christine Dando backless lace dress.


Constable's aunt is on the left. Image: TLC

The group were shopping at the Confetti and Lace boutique in Essex, assisted by royal designer (who created Princess Diana's famous dress) David Emanual.

Anna Marie De-Castro, who has reportedly been engaged five times but never married, was certainly not afraid to tell her niece what she really thought about her dress - and her body.

"Your shoulders look like a rugby player," she told her.

"It comes back to the rugby player thing about your thighs now."

The body-shaming comments continued with each dress and when Constable's mother tried to intervene (by calling her "a cow"), De-Castro held firm, causing the 22 year old to cry. (Post continues after gallery.)


"Her legs look fat in it, they do! I have to give my honest opinion," she said.

Understandably, Constable was visibly upset and said she regretted inviting her to come on what should have been a happy occasion.

"My aunt is being a bit brutal and personal with her comments about my figure, it is making me feel uncomfortable. I feel overwhelmed and upset," she said.


Image: TLC

She was comforted by Emanuel who told her she had a "divine" figure before reinforcing the importance of a "supportive" entourage.

Fortunately, Constable ignored her aunt and picked the dress she loved most - a $2,800 strapless Christine Dando number.

The happy ending was also sweetened by an apparent apology from her aunt.

"It is lovely. If you love the dress, it is your day not mine," she said. That'll have to do.

Image: TLC.

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