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Sasha turned down The Bachelorette. Then he found out Sam Frost was going to be on it.

The reality TV royalty were so close to never meeting…

You may know Sam Frost and Sasha Mielczarek as the outrageously well-matched couple from The Bachelorette Australia.

But in news that will please the hopeless romantics among us, it turns out Sasha didn’t want to go on the show at all until he heard Sam was locked in.

The construction manager told WHO Magazine he originally turned down an offer to star on the Channel Ten reality show, but changed his mind when he heard Sam was confirmed as the leading lady — calling the producers to ask if they could squeeze him in.

“I went on there for Sam and Sam only,” Sasha says in the November 9 issue of WHO Magazine.

“She stood out the most [on The Bachelor] and I could actually see myself joking around with her,” he told WHO.

“I went on there for Sam and Sam only.”

The pair told the magazine they have plans to move in together and have discussed marriage and starting a family.

“We just know we’re supposed to be in each other’s lives,” says Sam, adding that the producers have called their relationship “fate”.

We might not go that far, but we agree it’s a pretty sweet story. (To everyone except runner-up Michael Turnbull, at least. He might be wishing Sasha had stuck to his work commitments…)

The news comes as Frost shared some relationship advice on Instagram, challenging Kim Kardashian’s recent suggestion that women should always wear make-up around their partners (sigh).

This is a G rated version of what I think about Kim Kardashian saying ‘never let your husband see you without makeup’,” she wrote. “A close up of my silly head, next to my boyfriend of a day and a half. Your advice sucks!

“And FYI – my boyfie thinks when I wear fake eyelashes it looks like spiders hanging off my eyes.”

The straight-shooting caption is not the first Frost has posted of late.

Earlier this month, she posted another makeup-free selfie along with some down-to-earth remarks about her appearance.

“I feel very flattered when young girls comment on my photos or send me DMs about how much they look up to me and they want to be as pretty as me. Which is so lovely and adorable,” she wrote.

“but this is the every day me… no filter, no edits, dark circles, messy hair, break outs, uneven skin tone. And I wouldn’t change anything about myself!”

Frost posted a make-up free selfie earlier this month to Instagram along with some down-to-earth comments about her appearance. (Instagram)

“What you see in magazines and on TV is the result of hours in the makeup chair with very talented H&MU Artist – I’ve said it before, but it’s what I live by… love yourself, be yourself, exactly the way you are xo.”

No question about it, these two are rather adorable.

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