We absolutely need to talk about Sarah's fake tan on Married At First Sight.

Sometimes, the important questions need to be asked. And if you were watching Married At First Sight on Wednesday night, we bet this one popped into your head, too:

How – wait, no, WHY – did Sarah apply her fake tan like that?

It was pre-dinner party and the faux-marriage fanatic decided to bronze up with her fancy dress already on.

Sarah Roza applying fake tan
You go Sarah Roza, you good thing. Image: Channel 9.

So fast and loose. So... un-beautician-ly. And yet, Sarah walked away from her bathroom vanity looking flawless and bronzed and glowy.


We would have liked to see what the male contestants' white shirts looked like after giving her a 'hello' hug, but who cares about them. WE CARE ABOUT THE TAN.

Judging by Twitter, you guys did too:




So, do we have answers?

It's safe to say Sarah was using some instant tan - we're just not so used to seeing a woman apply it so brazenly (and immaculately) with her ball gown on.

Meanwhile, the people of Twitter suspect Sarah's perfect tan was the result of this miracle product... as they say, walk don't run:


God bless you, Married At First Sight. God bless you.

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