Samuel Johnson was asked how he partied after the Logies. We didn't see this answer coming.

While other celebs partied well into the early hours of the morning, Gold Logie winner Samuel Johnson spent the night with his family.

Speaking to KIIS 1065’s Kyle & Jackie O this morning, Johnson said the “wonders of modern technology” allowed him to be in Melbourne at the Logies, but also at Connie’s pyjama party in Canberra.

“The wonders of modern technology,” he told Kyle and Jackie O. “I was able to be in the room watching the show, but I was also able to be at my sister’s pajama party in Canberra.”

“It was such a cool contrast,” he added.

"I was able to be in the room watching the show but I was also able to be at my sister's pajama party in Canberra." Image via Facebook and Getty.

When Jackie O asked the Molly star what the Logies after-parties were like, he replied that he "had no sleep"  - but joked that it wasn't because he was "doing blow with all the Home and Away kids".

Instead, he said he "hightailed it to straight to [his other] sister's place". What a sweetheart.

Kyle then asked the Secret Life of Us actor whether he would come out of retirement if the right role came along.

"I've hung up my hat," Johnson replied. "I haven't acted since I finished Molly, which was a year or two ago, I'm out of the game."

Johnson also said he felt he wasn't really deserving of his Gold Logie win.

"I'm not even a TV personality, I'm more of a Facebook personality, so I feel like I went in there and pinched it."

When Kyle and Jackie O pressed him on whether he was really 'hanging up his hat', the actor issued a sneaky little challenge to listeners.


"I've promised the 380,000 people who make up our sister village that I would devote myself full time to it, until we reach our goal of raising $10 million for cancer research," he explained.

"We're at four and a bit, so until we've raised that other six, I can't take calls."

"I know what you're doing here and I think it's genius," Kyle replied. "So if people want you acting again, they've got to help you raise that other six million."

Next month Connie, Sam and the Love Your Sister village are hoping to create the world's biggest heart of five cent coins to raise money for cancer research.

Meshel Laurie talks to Samuel Johnson on the Nitty Gritty Committee. Post continues after audio...

Last night when Johnson won the Silver Logie for Best Actor he spoke about Connie and her fundraising plans.

“It’s only $2.90 to buy one metre of five cent coins," he said. "The heart is being made in 12 days and, on behalf of my beautiful sister Connie who I dedicate this award to, I’d like to urge any family watching, affected by cancer or not, to join us in our quest.”

“I love you Connie, I love you,” Johnson yelled with a smile, holding his award aloft.

On the Love Your Sister website you can donate one metre of five cent coins for just $2.90 or a whole kilometer for $2570.