Why straight women are hiring female escorts.

Whether it were you or I asked to describe a sex worker’s clientele, we’d most likely produce the same description.

A man. Maybe a lonely one – maybe not. Maybe married – maybe not.

According to Samantha X however, a former escort with six years of experience in the sex work industry, this couldn’t be further from the truth. While the majority of an escort’s male clients are average joes – men you would expect to see at your local coffee shop, or in the cubicle next to you at work – some aren’t male at all.

“I know lots of women who have hired female sex workers,” Samantha says on Mamamia‘s Sealed Section podcast. “[The women] aren’t necessarily gay… they just want to become more comfortable in bed, and more in-tune with their bodies.”

Samantha X explains why some straight women hire female escorts, on our Sealed Section podcast. Post continues after audio. 

According to Samantha X, being comfortable in bed and understanding what works for your particular body is the key not only to a more fulfilling sex life – but to more orgasms.

And for women who may be struggling to achieve orgasm with a partner, or on their own with self-pleasure… hiring an escort can be the best way to gain that understanding.

“[During sex] men will say to you ‘What do you like?’ You can’t go ah – I don’t know what I like… men really appreciate the fact that you know what you like, and you know what turns you on,” she says. “It saves them having to work it out.”

By seeing a female escort, women are able to explore their own bodies and discover what it is that sets them off.

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