Sam Wood faces the reality of going shopping with Snez (and most other women).

I can’t help but know where Sam Wood is coming from right now.

As a kid, I can clearly remember my mother saying she was just “ducking” down to the shops, to simply get some “bread and milk”. Four hours later, she would come back with enough grocery items to last us a lifetime, a winter jacket (just in case we needed it), and some running shoes for us all because they were “on special”.

So much for bread and milk.

For the first time, Sam was put through the same emotional trauma of being with someone when they overshop.

This comes as after months of commuting interstate, the pair finally moved in together in Melbourne this week.

We did a workout with Sam Wood. Let’s just say, it was equally as difficult. (Post continues after video.)

Sharing on Instagram, the personal trainer said that his fiancee, Snez, simply wanted to “pop into” the shops. All they apparently needed was a lunchbox for her daughter, Eve.

But, darling old Sam got a lot more than he bargained for. After spending what would seem like hours shopping, he walked out with a whole trolley full of shopping bags.

His face really says it all – it represents every single human being out there who has been tricked into thinking they would be in the shops for 10 minutes, but that actually meant the entire day.

But, the worst part of it all: they didn’t even get the lunchbox.

Check out more of what Sam Wood gets up to. Images via Instagram. (Post continues after gallery.)


Don’t worry, Sam. I’m really feeling for you here.

Just don’t fall for it again.

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