The Bachelor Sam Wood's easy workout you can do anywhere.

Image: Instagram/@thewoodshed.

We might know him best as ‘Bachie Wood’, but Sam Wood‘s abilities aren’t limited to handing out red roses and picking up his dates in sea planes (OK, OK, we’ll give the producers some credit there too).

The 34-year-old also happens to be a personal trainer with a kids’ fitness program and a training facility to his name.

So when The Glow met The Bachelor in Sydney recently, we figured there was no harm in squeezing some fitness know-how out of him for our own benefit – and yours, of course, dear readers.

Here, Sam walks us through a simple exercise circuit you can do just about anywhere you please. (Post continues after video.)

The best part? Because the circuit comprises five bodyweight workouts, you don’t even require any fancy equipment. It’s free.

All you need is your fine self, clothes you will happily sweat in, and a pumping playlist to get you through the business end of the pushups section. That last 10 seconds is always the killer, huh?

Regardless of your fitness level, Sam says the most important thing is to stay active and exercise regularly. (Post continues after gallery.)

“Make sure there’s variety, and make sure that you’re not afraid to get out of your comfort zone,” he says.

“I think doing something you’re really comfortable with all the time and expecting remarkable change is unrealistic. That doesn’t mean you have to push yourself until you vomit, but you do have to be comfortable with getting uncomfortable.”

What’s your favourite way to stay fit?

Sam has created a 30 Day Meal & Exercise Plan for Helga’s Carbdown campaign, which is is available to download here. You can also visit the Helga’s website for more information about their new Lower Carb Range and the campaign.