Eve was 9 when her mum Snezana met Sam Wood on The Bachelor. Here's what their lives look like now.

In 2015, we watched The Bachelor's Sam Wood give his final rose to Snezana Markoski

Nine years later, the pair are one of The Bachelor's best love stories. They are married with four children and live in Melbourne.

Their season also introduced us to nine-year-old Eve — Snezana's daughter.

"We met under such ridiculous circumstances," Sam told Now To Love in 2019. 

"It was this crazy world which they [Snezana and Eve] uprooted everything and came to Melbourne to live with me, but now we're this family."

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Just six months after meeting, Sam asked Snez to marry him.

"When you know, you know. I love you, Snezana," he wrote on Instagram the time.

The two wed in December 2018, and their two eldest daughters were in attendance.

It's been over four years and the couple have welcomed two more kids since then. Here's what their lives look like now. 


Sam Wood

Before starring on season three of The Bachelor, Sam was a successful personal trainer and entrepreneur. 

He founded Gecko Kids, a fitness centre for kids with over 30 locations around the country and a training facility in Melbourne called PRO Health Club.

In 2016, Sam launched 28 by Sam Wood, a fitness program that attracted over 400,000 users. 

In 2022, he sold the company to myDNA, which provides personalised fitness and health plans based on an analysis of their DNA results. 

He remains an investor.

Sam and Snezana Wood. Image: Instagram @samwood.


Snezana Wood

Born and raised in Perth, Snezana moved to Macedonia with her parents as a child but came back to Australia after only just a few years. 

Snezana and Sam welcomed their daughter Charlie in 2019 and Harper in 2022.

After giving birth to Harper, Sam and Snezana opened up about her "traumatic" birth. 

The lifestyle influencer said she "felt fine" after having contractions, but her "body shut down again... 10 times worse than the night before."

"There were about 16 people in the birthing suite, Harper was on Snez's chest and then Snez started convulsing," Sam said. 

''The doctors immediately turned their attention to Snez saying it wasn't normal, they were really concerned."

Snezana contracted an infection in her placenta which was then passed onto Harper.

Snezana and Harper Wood. Image: Instagram @snezanawood. 


Eve Wood

Sam first met Snez's daughter Eve during the hometown visits episode, when she took the Bachelor to her home in Western Australia. 

The connection was instant.

"I haven't really had many partners since I had Eve, so introducing Sam was kinda huge," Snezana said on the show.

Eve first met Sam on The Bachelor 2015. Image: Ten.


"Eve and I have been a twosome for as long as I can remember and it's been great but there's always room for that other person," she added.

Right after Sam handed down his last rose to Snezana and confessed he was "madly in love" with her, she and Eve packed up their life in Perth and headed to Melbourne.

"I never call myself Eve's 'step-dad'," Sam told Now To Love. "I am Eve's dad. That's how I feel. That's how I act."

In May 2022, Eve attended her Year 12 formal.

Eve Wood before attending her 12th grade formal. Image: Instagram @snezanawood.


"Just wow," Sam wrote on Instagram. "So proud of you for the young woman you’re becoming."

The fitness trainer attributes the success of his relationship with Snezana to his eldest daughter, telling WHO in 2019 Eve was the reason they lasted.

"The one big difference for us was Eve," he said. 


"[The relationship] needed to be real... We needed to make sure because the stakes were so high. We were, and it turned out to be the best thing we ever did."

In November 2022, Sam also shared that Eve has a boyfriend.

"It's new…[Eve] dropped a bombshell. Really nice fella. Full forward in the footy team," he told Fitzy and Wippa.

After being asked if Sam "interrogated" him, he said: "Eve rolls her eyes and gets him out of there pretty quick smart. You get about 30 seconds to grill him."

Eve turned 19 in June.

Image: Instagram/@snezanawood


Willow Wood

When Willow was born in October 2017, her parents made Bachie history by being the first couple from the dating show to have a baby. 

She was described as "naughty but she's melt in your mouth cute" by her dad.

Eve and Willow, 2017. Image: Instagram @snezanawood.


"I've just got this house full of girls, nothing is gonna change. It's just me and the dog representing the boys. But you know what? It's such a nice place to come home," Sam said in 2019.

Willow is now six years old.

Willow's sixth birthday. Image: Instagram/@snezanawood


She also attended her parents wedding when she was 17 months old.

But three months later, the couple announced they were expecting their third child.

Charlie Wood

While picking the name for Willow wasn't difficult, Sam admitted they were struggling with baby names the third time around. 

"We're down to two baby names," he wrote on Instagram at the time. 

"We knew immediately with Willow – it was one name and one name only, and we just agreed and it clicked."

Charlie on her fourth birthday. Image: Instagram/@snezanawood


"We had a boy's name, Kingston, but being a little girl, we've narrowed it down and maybe when it gets closer to the time, we'll know," he said.

Charlie was born in July 2019.

Snezana, Charlie, Willow and Eve Wood. Image: Instagram @snezanawood.


Harper Wood

Harper is Snezana and Sam's youngest child and she was born one month premature on May 4, 2022.

Following her birth, Harper and her mum were separated for three days after doctors found an infection in both of them. 

Harper and Snezana Wood. Image: Instagram @snezanawood.


"Before we knew it Harper was off to the special care unit and Mum was into ICU," Sam wrote in an Instagram post.

"Of course, in true Snez Mum fashion her only thoughts were for her little baby, and it was breaking her heart that she couldn't hold her."

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Snezana shared the difficulty of being apart from her newborn, who stayed in the hospital for close to a month after she was born.

"Our little Harper still isn't home with us. It breaks my heart 1000 times a day… but then I remember she's in the best place with incredible doctors and nurses caring for her around the clock," she said two weeks after the birth of Harper. 

"I know she'll be home soon enough and her three big sisters will finally be able to meet her but till then it's back and forth to the hospital a number of times a day whilst trying to keep it together," she added.

Sam, Snezana and Harper Wood. Image: Instagram @snezanawood.


Baby Harper got to go home to meet her family three weeks after being born.

She's now two.

This article was originally published in March 2023 and has since been updated with new information. 

Feature Image: Instagram/@samwood @snezanawood.

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