Sam Johnson's very vivid memory about his first kiss with Kate Richie.

“Can I be creepy?”

Samuel Johnson made an appearance on Nova’s Kate, Kim and Marty, and as you can probably imagine by that opening line, he hasn’t held back.

“I remember how she tasted 20 years ago,” Johnson told the trio.

He’s talking about Kate Richie, one of the hosts.

Sam has been on Mia’s podcast No Filter three times. Here is their latest chat. Post continues afterwards.

The pair appeared on Home And Away together both aged 15 at the time, and Richie was Johnson’s first kiss.

“Oh my God,” a shocked Richie reacted when she realised where the conversation was headed…

“She tasted like peaches and strawberries and cream,” he continued.

“I mean it in a good way,” he added.

“You tasted like a lolly and you were so nice to me, thank you because I was terrified, so thank you for looking after me,” continued Johnson.


“That is the nicest thing anybody has ever said to me in this studio,” Richie replied.

Johnson played Gus Bishop in 1995 on Home and Away, a bad boy boyfriend to Richie’s character Sally Fletcher.

He’s also appeared in The Secret Life of Us, Rush and Molly – which won him a Gold Logie.

Nowadays his main focus is his charity Love Your Sister.

He started it with his sister Connie who died from cancer in September 2017.

It was because of Richie’s support of his charity work, that Johnson first reminisced about the first kiss he shared with the actor.

In fact, he wrote all about it on Facebook in 2016.

He also, in the same post, admitted to hiding from the former soap star when they shot Underbelly II together because he was still embarrassed about the kiss they shared all those years ago.

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