Samuel Johnson confesses that his first kiss was actually on TV.

The life of a child actor is fraught. An early taste of stardom can set a kid on the track to destruction and the path to adult acting success is littered with those who fell by the wayside. I mean, look at Screech. And what the hell happened to Hobie from Baywatch?

This happened.

Jeremy Jackson went on Celebrity Big Brother, got arrested for drug possession, arrested for stabbing someone who tried to stop him stealing a car, and worst of all, promotes Ed Hardy clothing.

Everyone knows about the potential pitfalls of sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll, but there’s a little-known fact, an occupational hazard, that is rarely spoken about.

When you’re a child actor, some of the most important moments in your incipient life are going to occur as part of a script — and be recorded for posterity.

For Samuel Johnson, 38, that moment was his very first kiss.

Who did those virgin lips pucker up for the very first time? None other than Kate Ritchie, who played Sally Fletcher on Home and Away. He was her rebel boyfriend Guy Bishop.

“My first pash was onscreen with Kate Ritchie. I was 14,” he told Who magazine.

“I was mortified.”

Samuel Johnson (left) plays Aussie icon Molly Meldrum (right) in the upcoming Molly. Image via Instagram.

The scene went down like this: bad boy Guy lets Sally into his house and says, “Hey babe, got a kiss for us?”

They pash like only Aussie teens in the ’90s could. Awkwardly.

Then they headbang.

I can see why Johnson was mortified. In fact, he should remain mortified.

He shouldn’t be embarrassed about being a pretty great guy, though. He’s still acting (catch him in the upcoming biopic Molly), but he dedicates a hell of a lot of his time to his and his sister’s breast cancer charity Love Your Sister.


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“The work I do with Love Your Sister is unpaid. The last time I got a pay cheque for an acting gig was last February for Molly,” the told the AAP.

We hope to see his face on our screens loads this year. Even if he’s awkwardly pashing someone.