Sam Frost shared a photo of herself in a bikini, and was body shamed - again.

Breakfast radio host Sam Frost has been criticised for her appearance after posting a snap of herself in a bikini.

The former Bachelorette posted a photo of herself at the beach to Instagram, captioning it with a request for the sun to “please come out & hang out with us”.

While most commenters had nice things to say to the 27-year-old, who only recently reactivated her Instagram account, it wasn’t long before critical comments came in.

Dear Sun. Please come out & hang out with us. K thanks, Sam.

A photo posted by Sam Frost (@fro01) on

“Why did you lose so much weight :( you looked better before,” wrote one commenter, with another adding she was “too skinny”.

And just before we were about to rush to Sam’s defence – fellow commenters did it for us.

“Can you please make sure you ignore the unhelpful comments that you’re too skinny?! These opinions are completely useless & subjective. You look beautiful,” wrote one fan.


“I second that Sam! You look perfect in YOUR beautiful happy and healthy skin!” agreed another.

“Gorgeous at any size. Isn’t that the message we want to send to each other ladies? Stop with the negative comments.”

Some of the comments. (Image via Instagram)

One commenter's suggestion that celebrities who post images of themselves in bikinis must expect it will "cause divided opinions" and they shouldn't post if they don't want that - was spectacularly shut down.

"Are you actually serious? Celebs should expect to be body shamed?" a fan responded.

"What a sad existence you must live if you think its (sic) even remotely acceptable for a random stranger to tell someone they're too fat/too skinny/looked better before.

"Don't know the person personally, then you have no right to comment on their appearance. As long as @fro01 is happy (which she quite obviously is and looks beautiful and confident) it doesn't affect you or anyone else."

To which we would add: even if you KNOW the person personally, don't criticise their appearance.

Sam has opened up about how hurtful comments have wrecked havoc with her confidence in the past.

Listen: Sam Frost talks about dealing with the trolls to Mia Freedman on  No Filter. Post continues after audio...

Frost deleted her social media accounts in the wake of relentless rumours about her and boyfriend Sasha Mielczarek’s relationship.

After New Idea reported the couple were “spending less time together” and had “unfollowed each other on Instagram” the former Bachelorette wrote a furious Facebook post telling them to “get a f**king life”.

Since returning to social media she's posted photos of her main man, who is now sporting a moustache.

Sam and Sash on Instagram.

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