What the heck is Sam Frost's character up to on Home and Away anyway?

Stone the flamin’ crows.

After having her heart broken on national TV by a dirtbag named Blake Garvey, Sam Frost became Australia’s first Bacholerette.

On the show she met a bloke called Sasha and they dated for a lil’ while before it all fizzled out.

Now, Sam has done what we all want to do when we’re feeling a bit down – she’s moved to Summer Bay and started a new life.

In my mind she moved in with Irene as a surly teen.

Through a bit of tough love and a whole lot of “listen ere’, girlies”, Irene turned her into a responsible young woman who will, in turn, take in other surly teens and turn their lives around.

Home and Away star Christie Hayes speaks about why she moved her family from city to country. Post continues. 

She’d marry a nice local bloke who was probably once married to Leah and she would either work at the diner, the hospital, the police station, or Alf’s tackle shop.

But… but… that’s not what’s happened at all.

Sam made her Summer Bay debut in the season finale at the end of last year as a fully grown – yet comatosed – adult.

Sam’s character played a pivotal part in the death of one of the show’s most beloved characters (spoiler alert)… Kat Chapman.

You see, Sam’s character – named Jasmine Delaney – crashed her car into one being driven by Kat Chapman (Pia Miller) and her boyfriend Robbo (Jake Ryan).

The crash ultimately kills Kat, meanwhile Sam’s very first appearance on the long-running show is her character hunched over a wheel, as Robbo called for assistance.

sam frost home and away character
Like all good Home and Away characters, Sam Frost started her Summer Bay stint in a coma. Image via Channel Seven.

Robbo alerts us (and the emergency responder) to the fact that Jasmine is, in fact, alive. We don't know how he knows this because he touches her neck for like... two seconds.

Later in the episode, after some other things that seem kind of important happen (a rejected proposal, a bomb threat, Alf saying 'Strewth!' etc etc) Sam appears again.


This time, she's lying in a hospital bed, as a doctor examines her injuries, which include a pretty nasty knock to the head.

Then Home and Away returned at the start of this year and Sam made a miraculous recovery, coming out of her induced coma and releasing herself from hospital.

She's then found wandering the streets of Summer Bay by Leah. Leah then takes her to the diner and they chat and probably don't even touch the milkshakes placed in front of them.

Leah is suspicious that Sam is hiding something and is probably on the run.

After a bit of prodding, Sam tells Leah she has an abusive ex-boyfriend who's has been stalking her. On the night of the crash, she had been fleeing from her home in an attempt to get away from him.

She then spent a few weeks running around the Bay, scared that her ex had found her. Her ex who is neither Blake Garvey or Sasha Mielczarek pls.

Then he does find her, he very much does find her.

Sam comes back to her caravan one day to find him sitting there in casual/business attire.

sam frost home and away
Why is he dressed like he's ready for a meeting with the marketing department? Image via Channel 7.

He then holds Sam, Leah and one of Alf's grandsons hostage.

But Leah, having been held hostage approximately 398590450 times and having survived approximately 4095095 fires, explosions and bomb threats, was all over it.

She orders a pizza, puts "SOS 000" in the comments section. The one pizza boy in town immediately realises that Leah and Sam must be being held hostage by a man in casual/business attire and sends the police over.

The new hot cop in town tackles the stalker to the ground and Sam is now free to either date said new hot cop in town or one of Leah's many ex-husbands.

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