"Sh*t she's dead already." A recap of Sam Frost's 35-second debut on Home and Away.

Way, way back in July, ex-Bachelorette Sam Frost announced she was making the move to Summer Bay and had landed a role on Aussie soap Home and Away.

Since then, we’ve been flooded with paparazzi pics of 28-year-old Sam walking the beach in a bikini and working out with her co-stars, all teasing what was to come for the budding actress.

And last night, our dreams finally came true when Sam made her debut on the show, during the show’s 2017 season finale.

LISTEN: Sam Frost speaks to Mia Freedman about life after The Bachelorette. Post continues after audio.

Except there was no bikini to be seen.

Sam’s character was not making her mark on Summer Bay, catching the boys’ attention with a blonde hair flick.

She did not ride into a scene on a motorbike to cement her status as the town’s new ‘bad girl’.

Instead, Sam’s character played a pivotal part in the death of one of the show’s most beloved characters (spoiler alert), but she did the whole thing with her eyes closed.

Literally. She was unconscious. The entire time.

sam frost home and away
Sam, u okay? Image via Channel 7.

You see, Sam's character - named Jasmine Delaney - crashed her car into one being driven by Kat Chapman (Pia Miller) and her boyfriend Robbo (Jake Ryan).


The crash ultimately kills Kat, meanwhile Sam's very first appearance on the long-running show is her character hunched over a wheel, as Robbo called for assistance.

Robbo alerts us (and the emergency responder) to the fact that Jasmine is, in fact, alive. We don't know how he knows this because he touches her neck for like... two seconds. Good effort, Robbo.

Later in the episode, after some other things that seem kind of important happen (a rejected proposal, maybe?) Sam appears again.

This time, she's laying in a hospital bed, as a doctor examines her injuries, which include a pretty nasty knock to the head.

sam frost home and away
Another dramatic appearance. Image via Channel 7.

In this scene, we first learn her character's name, but are told the doctors have been unable to contact her next of kin, which clearly means she will turn out to be some sort of long-long sister/love-child/fiancée of Alf Stewart.

The doctor shines a light into her eyes (which are conveniently hidden from view) and declares they "don't know" if she will be okay. It's all very dramatic and very Grey's Anatomy.

There are gloves. And a beeping monitor in the hospital because #medicine.

Then... that's it. Sam's Home and Away arrival is complete. Seriously.


Sam made no movement during the episode. She did not speak once. It was a 35 whole seconds of shut-eyed screen time.

We can only conclude that things are definitely going up for her character when the show returns next season.

We've already written a letter to Channel 7 demanding that Sam's character wakes from the accident with a RARE form of amnesia, preferably one that makes her believe she is an ex-reality show contestant.

Sam herself - and her family - were all too happy to joke about her... less than intense... Home and Away debut.

Posting an image to her Instagram story, Sam shared that her family had taken a picture of their TV during the hospital scene and added the caption, "Shit she's dead already".

sam frost home and away debut family
Image via Instagram.

"You're the best unconscious person I've ever seen," Sam revealed her family had texted her during the show, who we're sure have already started a campaign to get Sam a Gold Logie.

The former Bachelorette even joked that the performance was "the best of her career".

To be fair, we never knew Sam could play an unconscious person so convincingly.

And we can't wait to see her star keep rising.