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"I’m disgusted and ashamed of the way I acted." MAFS Sam apologises for his behaviour.


From body-shaming his wife on national-television and then ruthlessly cheating on her, Sam Ball quickly secured his spot as one of Married at First Sight‘s villains this year, and managed to maintain that status throughout the entire season.

Even during the final dinner party, he continued to infuriate his fellow participants as he denied any wrongdoing, and then did not show up for the reunion the next night.

His actions, needless to say, showed no remorse for how he had behaved to the women he had relationships with during the experiment.

But now it seems that Ball has finally done some long overdue self-reflection, apologising to fans for his actions.

“I’m sorry if I’ve offended anyone, male or female, that’s watched the show,” the reality TV star said on a video which he posted to Instagram.

“I’m disgusted and ashamed of the way I acted and treated other people,” he continued. “I made a lot of mistakes, and I’m going to be a better person for that.”


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Don’t always believe what you see on TV.

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Ball, who worked as a construction worker before the show, also revealed his new career move, which is super unpredictable for ex-reality TV contestants: A YouTuber.

“You know, moving forward I’m looking forward to this YouTube channel, showing you the real me not the edited version.”

“Happy to be back to reality and hope to see you all in the near future,” Ball concluded the post.

An earlier post from Sam gave his nearly 90K followers on Instagram a sneak peak of his YouTube Channel, which he has named, “Sam The Rogue”.

“It’s going to be a channel full of laughs and a reflection of my true self,” he described. “I look forward to sharing the content with you all.”

The teaser shows Sam dressed in a dinosaur costume as he runs around on a street while a dog barks at him and dramatic music plays over the top.


Although Sam has apologised to fans of the show, it is unclear whether he has personally apologised to Lizzie and Ines, who both expressed outrage at him when he failed to appear at the reunion.

When Lizzie heard Sam say “I’ve never dated girls as big as her in the past” during the reunion, she articulated exactly what the problem was with his comments.

“For him to judge me like that, just on my looks… That I’m a larger girl, that I’m a heavy girl. What he’s doing is setting the tone for all the girls out there – that you’re not worthy enough if you’re not a size 6 or below, [that you] don’t deserve the time of day,” Lizzie said during the reunion which aired on Monday night.

“I am just appalled that he would be so free to comment on a woman’s weight.”

Ines, who had a brief fling with Sam during the show, also shared her disgust at Sam’s actions on Monday night as she explained to the experts that Sam was someone who made “you just hate yourself”.