Sam Armytage confirms she's the hero for single kick-ass women, yet again.

Sam Armytage has made the single-girl sisterhood proud, after hitting back at an article analysing her relationship status.

In an Instagram post, Sam has slammed the “silly, nasty, tabloid bullshit” that surrounds her on a weekly basis, pointing out that her relationship status is unimportant in the scheme of things, not news and quite frankly nobody’s business.

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Armytage has recalled arriving at the Myer Spring Fashion Parade for “a bit of fun”, only to instead be accosted about her relationship status, “I politely (but internally rolling my eyes) answered the questions. But next time, I won’t.”

Hear that? That’s the sound of every woman on the planet who has ever been single celebrating, because we all have that family member who turns every family event into a relationship status interrogation. And nobody has time for that.

No stranger to unwanted media attention, this is not the first time Armytage has stood up for the sisterhood after images of her visible panty line were published by The Daily Mail. 

Ugh… bad, bad memories.

Armytage who is “one of the country’s senior female journalists, with minors in both American Politics  and PR/marketing,” helpfully provided a list of suggested discussion topics for the future, ” including but not limited to; our politicians’ citizenship, the state of the Australian cricket team, beef prices…”

A diverse and far more interesting list than discussion of her “ex boyfriends (both real and fictional)”.


Here’s just the latest example of the silly, nasty, tabloid bullshit that surrounds me most days. I don’t go out much, but as I arrived for the Myer fashion parade yesterday (for a bit of fun) I was accosted. Not about spring fashion (although I don’t know anything about that anyway????) or any other vacuous or even slightly interesting topic. It was about my relationship status. And ex boyfriends (both real & fictional.) Hence a mean (& bitchy!) half-page story on, literally, nothing. I politely (but internally rolling my eyes????) answered the questions. But next time, I won’t. I’m one of the country’s senior female journalists. I host a fast-moving, wide-ranging, 4-hour-daily breakfast program with some fascinating interviews & some hilarious ones (which I believe, is the ‘hot cop’ reference…) I have minors in both American Politics & PR/marketing… so if you ever want to ask me any intelligent questions (including but not limited to; our politicians’ citizenship, the state of the Australian cricket team, beef prices…) I’d be happy to answer them. OR you could ask me about spring fashion. But then, that wouldn’t be a story would it? On a day when really serious, awful things are happening in the world, I ask all you intelligent people out there to not consume the rubbish. Thank you & Happy Friday x

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Armytage also used her post to encourage all the “intelligent people out there not to consume the rubbish”, especially “on a day when really serious, awful things are happening in world.”

Keep slaying Sam.

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