Sam Armytage and Edwina Bartholomew shared a joke. Obviously had a catfight.

So did you know there’s this real life, actual thing, where women tell… jokes?

No, for real, they do! Like real humans, too. They joke and poke fun and… banter.

You’ve never seen it? Never fear, apparently no one else has either, because this morning, when Sunrise hosts Sam Armytage and Edwina Bartholomew tried to joke with one another, the world looked, raised their eyebrows and considered the exchange as if the duo were speaking French.

Because when women make fun of one another, it’s never just a joke. It’s a cat fight. They don’t get along. There are deep undertones of hatred and jealously and contempt. Right? Right…?

Apparently so, if you were looking at this morning’s headlines:

Sam Armytage fires back at ‘smug’ Eddie Bartholomew over on-air love advice

Sam calls out ‘smug’ Edwina

‘God, you’ve already become smug’: VERY awkward moment Samantha Armytage, 41, hits out at engaged Edwina Bartholomew, 34

‘God, You’ve Already Become Smug’: Sam Armytage’s Awkward Exchange With Eddie Bartholomew

Samantha Armytage hits out at “smug” co-host

So what was it all about?

Well, it all started when Bartholomew presented a segment on Sunrise about last night’s episode of First Dates.

Contestants Jake and Rebecca, who captured the attention of a nation because they were so stupidly down-to-earth, did not make it past their second date.

“Sam I think Jake could be a manual driver, which I know could be one of your prerequisites,” Bartholomew said.

In her reply, Armytage said she wasn’t interested in “cut[ting] Rebecca’s grass” before joking that her friend had “become a ‘smug married’, trying to match-make”.

“You just worry about your own wedding, love,” she said.


The headlines, full of adjectives like “awkward” and “cringe” and verbs like “jab”, also were followed by many-a-serious-face.

Serious faces = Angry Women = CLAWS OUT. Image: Channel 7.

Of course, they are great photos which work brilliantly with the all-women-hate-each-other narrative, but I accidentally found some more from the same exchange.


Image: Channel 7.

What's that about "hitting out"? Who is hitting who? Where are the hits? Someone said someone hit the other? They are... laughing? It doesn't look awkward? Where did the pitchforks go?!

Surely they're not...

... they can't be...


No. My god. It can't be.

Two women sharing a joke.

What sorcery.

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