Sam Wood has given Sam Frost some advice on the eve of the Bachelorette.

There are only a few people who know what Sam Frost is about to go through.

New Bachelor alumni Sam Wood has given Australia’s first Bachelorette and new friend, Sam Frost, some poignant advice on the eve of her television show debut.

After becoming ‘mates’ at the Logies earlier this year, both Wood and Frost have stayed in touch and supported each other throughout their separate Bachelor/Bachelorette experiences.

After hearing that Sam and Snezana were still together four months after the finale was filmed, Frost was quick to ask Wood for advice.

Sam Frost debuts as The Bachelorette.

Frost didn’t want a similar situation to last year’s playing out where she was very publicly dumped by The Bachelor Blake Garvey, a week before the finale went on air.

Although filming for Frost’s season has just wrapped, she is remaining quiet on whether she is still with the man she gives her final rose too, but she didn’t hesitate asking Sam Wood for advice.

“How can I make sure he feels loved and like he’s the only one during the whole time the show is airing? Because if I am with a guy, that would be my priority,” she asked Woods in a feature article for The Daily Telegraph.

Blake Garvey who famously ‘dumped’ Sam Frost a week before their series of The Bachelor went on air

Woods replied with some very sound advice, stating that being open and honest with each other and avoiding watching the show, particularly if there are some juicy dates with other contestants being shown, have helped him and Snezana stay together.

Overall, Woods told Frost to relax and let it all play out.

“Sammy, just follow your heart and be yourself,” Woods told Frost.

“It’s easy to give that advice and a lot harder to take it.”

In other important Bachelor news, Sam and Snezana spend their official weekend together and it has been very well documented for all of you playing at home…

The Bachelor Sam Wood and his now-official girlfriend Snezana Markoski are all loved up, and after hiding their secret relationship for almost four months (between filming completion and the finale airing date), they’re now making up for lost time and showing the rest of Australia just how happy they are together.

The loved-up couple told the public that they were using this weekend to relax and catch up with Sam’s friends and family in Melbourne following a few crazy days of publicity, media calls and appearances following The Bachelor finale on Thursday night.

Over the weekend, they took time out to catch up with lots of Sam’s friends, who appear to have welcomed Snezana into their lives with open arms.

Sam’s friends had no hesitation in sharing a few jokes with the new couple after arranging a custom-made t-shirt for Sam with the words “I heart Parmigiana” in the front, referring to the first moment the two met.


After Sam struggled to correctly pronounce the name Snezana on the opening episode of The Bachelor, she likened it to the dinner dish, Parmigiana.

Snezana shared the image on Instagram yesterday, saying, “Look what @samjameswood friends bought him! So cute! Thank you,” proving that she doesn’t take their relationship too seriously.

❤️Look what @samjameswood friends bought him! So cute! Thank you @candice_joseph @langep23 #melbourneweekend #greatfriends

A photo posted by S N E Z A N A (@snezanamarkoski) on

 Australia may also be on it’s way to receiving it’s first ever Bachelor baby, with Wood revealing that he is clucky, sparking rumours that he is ready to add an extra member to their family, in addition to Snezana’s nine-year-old daughter Eve, who she had with her ex-husband.

Yesterday, Sam and Snezana visited Sam’s best mate and newborn daughter. The two of them were seen happily gushing over, Poppy, the little bundle of joy.

The smile on Sam’s face was undeniable and with Snezana’s arms wrapped loving around her boyfriend, their body language indicated that perhaps a little one wasn’t as far away.

  So good to meet little Poppy Jackson today. So small, so cute, so perfect ???? #clucky   A photo posted by Sam Wood (@samjameswood) on


The couple seem right at home in each others company and are enjoying every moment together.

Sam took to social media this morning to announce how much he is enjoying waking up next to his brunette-beauty every day.

Underneath an image of a freshly woken Snezana in bed, Sam wrote, “Waking up next to this every morning…Yep, I can get used to that. Love you to bits,” before adding the hashtag #beautifulinsideandout

Were you surprised when Bachelor Sam choose Snezana?

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