We thought we'd heard it all, and then Snezana revealed Sam Wood's weirdest habit.

The joys of moving in with your partner are often highly underrated.

There’s the snuggling, the person to chat you while you have your morning cuppa, the shared bills.

And then there’s the other stuff – the toenail clipping, the farting, the weird insistence of keeping an old T-shirt despite it being riddled with holes.

And if there’s one person who now knows what I’m talking about, it’s Snezana Markoski.

Having made the move from Perth to Melbourne almost two months ago, the honeymoon housemate period for Markoski and former Bachelor Sam Wood is over.

Snez and Sam at home in Melbourne. Source: Instagram.

And according to Markoski, one of his habits is a little bit stranger than the others.

Appearing on the Saturday edition of Today Extra, the ex Bachelor contestant told hosts Sonia Kruger and David Campbell that since the move she'd discovered at least one annoying habit of her fiance's.

Despite the engagement party, the Sam and Snez wedding plans are still underway. Source: Instagram

"I've discovered some annoying traits that Sam has," she began, continuing, "he does this weird hand movement."

Gesturing what looked scarily like the mechanical claw in arcade toy machines, it's not the most majestic of motions you'd hope to have closing in on you when you're curled up on the couch eating popcorn.

"Otherwise all is going well. We've settled in well," she added.

When asked about her and Sam's wedding plans, the fitness lover refused to fuel any rumours saying, "I haven't even figured out what kind of wedding I want, you know.

"Being European, do we have a small, intimate, 300 people wedding or go big?" she asked laughing before finally saying, "so, no idea."