"Bawling my eyes out": Ruby Rose just got very real on her Instagram story.

Ruby Rose, 31, posted an Instagram story on Monday night, responding to the incessant scrutiny she has been subjected to by the tabloid media.

The Orange is the New Black actress is currently touring Australia to promote Pitch Perfect 3, and every public appearance she has made has been met with criticism about her weight.

Rose shared a number of images taken at the Pitch Perfect 3 premiere, published by various publications, to show how different her body can look based on the angle, contrast and definition. “Instead of the dozens of photos of me from behind, they run one photo to fit their narrative,” she wrote.

Image via Instagram.

Rose also shared an image of her back, with the caption, "Also this is always my back... I have a tilted posterior (it's why I have abs but no butt) and spinal curvature from a bad car accident." She then shared a photo from one year ago, where her back looked identical.

The Australian actress and model also addressed comments that have been made about her skin. She began, "I never thought I'd see the day I'd leave my beautiful country balling [sic] my eyes out... when I was so excited to come home."

"Yea it sucks... for me, I don't see how it's bothering so many others? But I'm a human. It happens. One side of my face is clear and the other side is a mess," Rose said.

"Dermatologist says its from the bacteria from all the phone interviews I did for PP3 and a reaction to hotel pillow cases (which I already know)..."

Image via Instagram.

Comments have been disabled on her Instagram account, which has almost 12 million followers.

Rose, of course, owed precisely no one an 'explanation' when it comes to her skin, her weight or any other element of her appearance.

She was returning to Australia, as one of our most successful actresses, to promote a film.

And it's that, rather than her body, we ought to be talking about.

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