Ruby Rose and Prada are in a bizarre squabble and this is the only news you need today.

Actress, singer, model and all-things-great Ruby Rose has her eye on a Prada bag. She “kinda likes it”, as you would.

And she’s been told the face on the leather is most definitely… not her face.

Even though it is.

In a clever Twitter rant yesterday, the 31-year-old accused Prada of using her image on one of their leather handbags without her permission, and for refusing to admit that it is, in fact, her face.

“Kinda like this Prada bag that apparently is in no way any likeness to me at all,” she posted. “Even though the photographer of the photo sent me this, and everyone keeps asking about it.”

“It’s a made-up character with no inspiration from anyone in real life, apparently.”

The resemblance of this ‘made-up character not inspired by anyone’ to Rose is striking.


Her 1.3 million fans were quick to respond in kind.

“Looks nothing like you… Only the hair, face shape, eyes, hair, lashes, lips…” one user wrote.

And there was this, simple truth from one insightful follower: “Yeah right, I’d know that killer jawline anywhere.”


She doubled down, saying she’s “obviously just super common looking” and shared a photograph of herself. The (same. It’s the same) image from the Prada bag.

She told followers she has “no association with the bag what so ever” and maybe they can find one at a Prada store.

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And when one fan wrote they’d “never be rich enough” to own the Prada version, Rose came up with a healthier alternative.

“I’ll make one, it will look the same because I’ll use the same photo of my face, but in vegan leather. A copy of a copy. I’m like the ikea bag,” she wrote.

Prada, it seems, has not responded publicly.