Viewers are certain they spotted some bad language during the royal wedding.

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We need to talk about the greatest royal family scandal of our time.

Nay, of all time.

You see, apparently both Prince Harry and Meghan Markle let a couple of swear words slip during the ceremony.

Yes, the royals did a swear.

What would the corgis think?

Like any good spotlight journalist, who’s partial to a swear word herself, I did a lil’ bit of investigating.

I scanned the royal wedding footage for any hints of “f**k”, “s**t” and “b**ch”, and this is what I found.

Firstly, in the tradition of grooms everywhere, Prince Harry may have told his bride-to-be he was “sh**ting it” while they stood at the altar together.

Here’s the footage in question:

????????????????????????????????What do you think he just said?

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Definite hints of “sh**ting it”.

Put him in a pair of board shorts and he could be any Aussie groom called ‘Thommo’.

Secondly, Meghan Markle 100 per cent said “Oh fuck!” and put her hand over her chest as the horse-drawn carriage went through the gates.



Honestly, I’d also drop the f-bomb if I knew I was in for a 25 minute horse-drawn carriage ride before I even got a glass of bubbly… or a party pie.

According to the Daily Mail, Harry also said, “I’m ready for a drink now”, during the 25 minute ride and no truer words have ever been spoken.

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