The very clever reason why Kate takes photos of George and Charlotte herself.

Kate Middleton has proven, once again, that the Royals are merely mortals – just with a bigger house and some really fancy china.

The Duchess of Cambridge is often listed as the official photographer on photos of Prince George and Princess Charlotte, and it’s not her passion for photography that motivates Kate to get behind the lens – it’s her love of saving a buck.

Speaking to the Daily Mail , Bumpkins photographer Gina Jones said the Duchess is being frugal by snapping pics of the kids herself.

“It shows how modern Kate and William are by being more accessible and having a hands on approach,” she said.

“It also shows that they are resourceful with money as you often see Kate in high street fashion and sometimes repeating outfits and so by taking her own photos this again shows how she is savvy with money.”


The single mum teaching women to get smart about money. Post continues…

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In fact, when the Royal Family celebrated Princess Charlotte’s second birthday on Tuesday, the official photo released to the public was taken by Kate.

There’s also rumours that the Duchess could be vying for the job of official Royal Photographer, a title which was held by Lord Lichfield until he passed away in 2005.

You gotta love a thrifty Royal.