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carolineinthecity February 25, 2023

Harrowing. The mind games. The distress. I hope you are safe and healing x

carolineinthecity August 13, 2021

An uncomfortable read because it’s certainly not a nice story, from any perspective. I wish you love and peace in the future because everyone deserves that in their lives. 

carolineinthecity July 24, 2020

What a horrendous and distressing story. I would not have been able to show that kind of restraint and would certainly have exposed her, if only to her partner.

CarolineInTheCity January 13, 2020

I am cheering from my armchair Harry and Meghan. Run, run as fast and far as you can and live your lives. Love the Queen’s statement too, can’t be easy for her that’s for sure.

CarolineInTheCity December 27, 2019


CarolineInTheCity October 26, 2019

He will not be missed.

CarolineInTheCity October 1, 2019

His diagnosis aside, it sounds like it was a sad and disfunctional relationship which you needed to leave ASAP. Shielding your son from a lifetime of ill health and third hand smoke was just as important. No judgment here for leaving.

CarolineInTheCity August 9, 2019

Fortunately the best tales are extreme, which is why you don’t hear from 99% of parents. That said, this story makes sense for periods of most parents’ lives - which is why we read it I guess, with some relatability. It’s not all bad I promise!

CarolineInTheCity July 2, 2019

That made me laugh!

CarolineInTheCity June 21, 2019

That is such a sad story, I hope on some level he knows his hopeless failings as a human. Stay strong mamma, I’m glad you’ve risen above and beyond your challenges x

CarolineInTheCity May 18, 2019

What a heartbreaking situation. Stay strong mama, you are better off in so many ways. Better love is around the corner.

CarolineInTheCity May 6, 2019

I have a three yet old and a nine month old and cried the whole way through this. So well written, what a beautifully sad story. Amazing you are still here with your family, I wish you many more years good health. Thank god for beer!

CarolineInTheCity March 11, 2019

I actually think this is a fair perspective. As a die hard Jackson fan from a kid I am devastated by this documentary. I spent years believing families- not their kids - were after Jackson’s money and I loved his music. I certainly felt weird when I saw that documentary in early 2000. And I think she’s nailed it by posing the question about whether this type of hiding in plain sight is the way in for sickos. I have two young sons now. Lesson learnt. Mumma ain’t listening to no music any more.

CarolineInTheCity February 23, 2019

An amazing hero

CarolineInTheCity February 23, 2019

Yes. It’s time. Even if she does end up having kids it sounds like she has chosen her own path and will stay on it. Remember the good times and find friends for now.

CarolineInTheCity February 10, 2019

Love this.

CarolineInTheCity February 10, 2019

No. He’s an utter fool and the only one I feel sorry for is the author. Doesn’t really matter how that hotbed of lies began, he was complicit in lying to the mother of his children. End of.

CarolineInTheCity January 11, 2019


CarolineInTheCity December 16, 2018

This is an absolute nightmare, poor people, their poor family, my heart goes out to them all. I read that if ever stuck inside your vehicle, pull the headrests off your chair and use the pointy metal ends to smash through the windows. Not sure how that would go under water though, so very sad.

CarolineInTheCity October 9, 2018

I can’t see any difference myself!