Meghan Markle reportedly won't give birth in the Lindo Wing. And there's another tradition we hope she breaks.



When Meghan Markle gives birth to her and Prince Harry‘s baby, we hope she stands before the world on the steps of the hospital looking like a woman who just gave birth.

Many are familiar with the tradition of royal women publicly presenting their babies to the world just hours after birth.

On the steps of the Lindo Wing, Kate Middleton and Princess Diana both emerged looking perfectly rested, as though they had sneezed and the baby had just popped out.

While it is reported that Meghan Markle will be saying goodbye to the tradition of giving birth in the luxurious Lindo Wing, we hope she breaks this tradition, too.

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Stepping out of the hospital with a fresh blowdry and a pair of heels places yet another unrealistic expectation on women about how they are supposed to look after giving birth.

While it might seem obvious that Diana and Kate had the best makeup artists and hair stylists in the world at their bedside, waiting to transform them, it is easy to forget such details when looking at the perfect photographs.

meghan markle lindo wing
Kate Middleton and Prince William after the birth of George in 2013. Image: Getty.
Prince Charles with Princess Diana aftershe gave birth to Prince Harry in 1984. Image: Getty.

This is not to criticise the royal women who stood before the public, holding their baby just hours after birth. These women have access to resources that make them look like that, and they are upholding a royal tradition.

The problems lies in the fact that the traditions exists in the first place, and that such perfection is expected from a woman who just gave birth.

Birth is messy, and painful, and beautiful.

There is blood, sweat and tears.

The reality of birth isn't picture perfect, and women shouldn't be pressured to portray it any other way.