Prince Louis is already breaking royal tradition with his birth certificate.


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Times are changing for the royal family, and technology seems to have finally caught up with them.

Unlike his big brother and sister’s certificates, Prince Louis‘ birth certificate has been typed. Groundbreaking, we know, but up until recently, birth certificates for royal babies were traditionally handwritten.

Both Prince George, four, and Princess Charlotte, three, have handwritten birth certificates, making Louis one of the first to have his typed up.


So, what else did we learn from Louis’ birth certificate?

Well, he was born on April 23, 2018 at St Mary’s Hospital in Westminster, London.

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His full name is listed as His Royal Highness Prince Louis Arthur Charles of Cambridge. Quite the mouthful…

Prince William, 35, signed off on all three of his kids’ birth certificates.

It also says Louis lives in London’s Kensington Palace with his brother and sister, and his mum and dad, who under occupation are listed as “Princess” and “Prince of the United Kingdom”.

Nice work if you can get it.