Roxy Jacenko trying to get her kids to sleep is all of us.

It’s fair to say that Roxy Jacenko has had her fair share of headlines these last few months. As the PR powerhouse at Sweaty Betty PR she has a firm place in Sydney social scene.

But lately the media has been focused on Roxy’s husband, Oliver Curtis, who was found guilty of conspiring to commit insider trading, dating back to 2007 and 2008. He was sentenced to two years in prison.

During his trial, Roxy stayed by his side and throughout his sentencing, pleaded with the court to spare ‘Oli’ a prison term, explaining that due to her hectic work commitments he is the primary carer of their children Hunter, 2, and Pixie, 4.

Curtis’ sentence means that things have changed in the Curtis/Jacenko household.

It’s easy to distance ourselves from celebrity parents. They have it easy, right? Nannies, cleaners, chefs, even. They don’t really know the daily struggles the rest of us face. They’re not in the trenches doing the mundane daily things that parenting requires. Right? Wrong.

A photo Roxy posted to her Instagram account shows that she is basically every mother at bedtime. No nannies, just her. Captioning the sweet pic of her and her children “Bedtime. Been trying since 7.12pm. 9:41pm. Don’t think I’m going too well.”

Been trying since 7.12pm. 9.41pm don’t know that I’m doing too well.

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I like to call it the bedtime gauntlet. You’ve run out of energy, presumably because the kids have syphoned it out of you. You’ve been at work all day (either paid employment or holding up an entire household). You’re watching the clock crawling along and they’re doing everything in their power to work against you.

You’ve managed to feed them dinner (yeah, you’ve gotta do that. Yep, every day). They’ve fought with you about what they will and won’t eat. You’ve cleaned up (unless of course you have one of those magical cleaning fairies). You’ve bathed them; policing arguments and preventing the baby from eating soap. They’re finally in their pajamas and you can smell the finish line (or someone’s nappy, because they have an uncanny ability to soil themselves right when they’re about to go to bed).


You put them into their beds and dish out goodnight kisses. But you’re not done. Story requests, goodnight games, songs.

Every parent knows that bedtime isn’t just a kiss and run situation. There are intricate rituals to entertain, all edging you closer and closer to some adult TV and a glass of good red.

Then comes the little voices. “I need to go to the toilet” (bullshit), “I need some water” (what are you, a camel?), “There’s a noise” (yeah, you talking).

As a mum of three, no matter my intentions of getting the kids in bed early, more often than not the clock creeps into the eights and nines and I’m still there trying to get them to go to sleep.

When I saw the photo of Roxy with Hunter and Pixie I had a little giggle. At one of the hardest times of her life, Roxy is just like every mother out there struggling to get her kids in bed at a reasonable time and Hunter and Pixie are just like every other kid in the country.

Hang in there, Roxy. You got this.