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"I’m the most hated girl in Britain now." Roxanne Pallett's tearful elimination interview.


In the last week, Roxanne Pallett became the most hated woman in Britain.

The former Emmerdale star walked away from the Celebrity Big Brother house, after accusing her fellow housemate of domestic violence.

During a seemingly innocuous scene on Thursday night’s episode, Neighbours star Ryan Thomas playfully pretended to spar with Pallett.

Video footage from the reality TV series shows Thomas walking up to Pallett, bouncing around her, and throwing mock boxing jabs in the air.

Watch video footage of the incident…

Pallett laughs along with his joke and then says, “Ouch, woman beater, that bloody hurt”.

“Did it? Sorry,” Thomas responds.

Pallett can then be seen walking into the bedroom and becoming visibly upset. She then walks into the diary room and demands to speak to a producer.

Pallett, 35, then accuses Thomas of being “physically abusive” towards her.

Later in the show, Thomas is called to the diary room and is issued a warning for his behaviour. He is visibly upset and shocked by the accusation.

The actress was roundly condemned for her actions when footage of the incident was aired in Britain. Many people, including her former Emmerdale co-stars, spoke out about Pallett and alleged she had a pattern of this kind of behaviour.


On Saturday morning, two days after the episode aired, Pallett quit the reality TV show and left the Celebrity Big Brother house.

On Monday night, Pallett returned to the show to complete an exit interview with host Emma Willis.

During the interview, Willis asked Pallett how she could “get something so wrong” and whether she had considered the implications this kind of accusation would have on Thomas.

“Watching it feels like a completely different scenario to it was at the time,” Pallett replied. “I convinced myself he meant to do it.”

The actress said she had now viewed the footage and knew she was in the wrong.

“Because I saw what every single person saw and I don’t blame anyone for [criticising my actions],” she said. “I’m more shocked at myself more than anyone.”

She knows that she could have “ruined” Thomas’s reputation.

“I can’t apologise enough for trying to label someone as something that they’re clearly not,” Pallett said.

“All I can do is apologise and say I got it so wrong.”

Willis also confronted Pallett with the accusations from her Emmerdale co-stars who said the actress was “evil” and that they were “not surprised at all” by her actions.

At this point, Pallett broke down into tears.

“Devastating… no one wants to hear that… especially from people you worked with,” she said through tears.

“I’m the most hated girl in Britain now.”

Since leaving the show, Pallett has deleted her social media accounts.

Thomas is now a favourite to take out the reality TV series.