Federer's kids have absolutely no interest in watching their dad play.

Let’s be honest. No kid really wants to watch their dad at work.

Even if their dad happens to be a world famous tennis player.

Channel 7 cameras panning the crowd at the Australian Open in Melbourne yesterday caught Myla and Charlene, the eldest of Roger Federer’s two sets of twins.

The girls, in their matching hats and sassy aviators are taking absolutely no notice of their dad, whatsoever.

He defeated Alexandr Dolgopolov in straight sets? Pffft. Whatevs.

The girls have got their noses buried in books. Which, in our increasingly tech-focused world, makes for a pleasantly surprising picture.

Where many Australian’s would sell their nan’s left arm for tickets to see Federer in the flesh, these two are totally not interested.

And that’s pretty cute.