Robyn Lawley tells us about her favourite ways to work out.

I’m a big believer in mixing it up when it comes to exercise. I love trying new things and lately I’ve been really getting into kick boxing. I can’t believe how much fun it is – especially since it’s such hard work.

It’s a great way to feel strong and empowered but you’re working your butt off without counting down the clock. The time goes so fast when you’re kick boxing. My trainer and I will do five minutes of intense kick boxing and then we’ll go and do weights in between. The kickboxing seems to go by in a flash but the weights time goes SO slowly. When I first started I could barely do it for very long at all. It was such a hard workout. But now I can go for a really long time so I feel really proud of that and so motivated by it. Also, if I’m in a bad mood or have built up anger I just get to hit something.

I’ve always loved swimming, it’s harder over here in New York because my skin is sensitive to chlorine and there aren’t many sea salt pools over here but it’s a great workout and it’s also quite relaxing.

Source: instagram

Bike riding is my absolute favourite way to get around Manhattan, and such a good way to get in additional exercise. I also love soul cycle classes.

I do also like to hit the gym on other days to get in a workout. It’s pretty important when going to the gym or trying a new sport to get a trainer or instructor for one session a week. It helps you get that extra bit of motivation when you’re accountable to a trainer, coach or instructor and then the rest of the time you do things by yourself. But a trainer will always kick my butt a bit more than I would myself and they are also on hand to make sure you’re using the correct technique when you work out.

I’m really into music and it’s such an essential part of enjoying my training. Especially if I’m working out alone, it just helps motivate me and I enjoy my sessions so much more. I actually tried so many different ways to listen to music when I was swimming really regularly because I would spend an hour in the pool at a time. Unfortunately I never found a good solution - so if you have one please comment below!