Woman discovers the shadow of her face looks exactly like Rihanna. Promptly goes viral.

A woman on Twitter has shown the world how the shadow of her face looks like Rihanna and the internet has had a meltdown.

Yes, you read that right.

Her forehead shadow, seen on her pillow as she lay in bed, looks uncannily like the profile of pop-icon and Work singer Rihanna.

“Throw back to when I was high and noticed my shadow looked like Rihanna,” Leilani, with the handle @baelaani, posted to Twitter yesterday alongside a photograph of her bad-gal-looking-shadow.

Her observation has been re-tweeted almost 100,000 times and received more than 300,000 likes.

Why? Because she absolutely nailed it.

It's uncanny. Images via Twitter and Getty.

Some are questioning if the pair are related...

Others are applauding her mind-power while stoned...

Some are dumbfounded...


More than a few have compared it to the moment we saw Jesus' face in toast...

More than anything, we can't get enough...

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