It's official: Rihanna just won Coachella fashion with the most bizarre disguise ever.

Coachella is pretty much the musical playground of every celebrity worth their weight in Instagram likes.

For two weekends in April, our social media feeds are flooded with the rich, famous and trendy showing off their best ‘festival-inspired’ hair, beauty and fashion looks (‘space buns’, anyone?).

We’re used to seeing the weird and wonderful at Coachella, but every now and then, there’s a look that truly makes us stop in our tracks.

And this year, that award goes to none other than Rihanna.

While the Diamonds singer wanted everyone to know she was at Coachella, it seemed she didn’t actually want people to see her.

So she went dressed in a full-body, diamond morph suit.

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Because nothing says “I want to be invisible” quite like 7374 diamonds, right?

In case you’re wondering, yes, those are in fact real diamonds covering the 29-year-old singer’s body. The suit is actually part of Gucci’s Autumn 2017 collection, if you’re thinking of getting one of your very own.


Despite wanting to be able to walk the crowd as “one of the regular people”, Rihanna did joke about the fact her outfit was anything but discreet.

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“I can’t go home yet, cuz enough people ain’t seen my outfit (sic),” she captioned an image of herself in the suit, sans hood.

Naturally, Twitter went crazy over Rihanna’s unique, but somehow not-at-all unexpected if you really think about it, look:


Consider this a warning to anyone planning on doing a bit of Rihanna spotting this Coachella weekend: get your shades ready, because when the sun hits those diamonds, you’re guaranteed to go blind.

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What do you think of Rihanna’s outfit?