Ricki-Lee has responded to accusations she was lip-syncing at the Commonwealth Games.

Ricki-Lee Coulter and Christine Anu’s performances at the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony on Wednesday night were flawless.

But their impressive vocals had many viewers convinced they were lip-syncing, with social media users claiming their mouth movements didn’t match up to the audio.

Now, Ricki-Lee has responded to these accusations, appearing on the Kyle and Jackie O show Thursday morning to set the record straight.

This footage had everyone thinking the performers were lip syncing. Post continues. 

Video via Channel Seven.

So was the former Australian Idol finalist lip-syncing? No. The pop singer maintains that her rendition of her new song Technicolour Love was 100 per cent live.

Kyle Sandilands and Jackie ‘O’ Henderson suggested she may have had a “TV track” – where performers sing along to a recording – before asking what happened with her performance.

“I sang my face off last night,” she said. “I had the best time.”

The 32-year-old said she wasn’t surprised by the reaction because she’s heard it before.


“I feel like I can’t win. If I sing well, there’s always like ‘ugh, Ricki-Lee’s miming’.”

“Unless I have an off night and then everyone’s like ‘Oh, Ricki can’t sing, she’s sh*t’.”

Kyle agreed that it was her vocal ability that made people question if her performance was real and unaltered.

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“You’re an exceptionally good vocalist and I think a lot of people see you do it and think ‘aw, she can’t be that good’,” he said.

At least theorists didn’t ruin Ricki-Lee’s night. The Queenslander said as a child she had dreamed of performing at an international event, just like Nikki Webster at the Sydney Olympics.

“I was living out her little 14-year-old self’s dream last night.”

As for Christine Anu and her performance of My Island Home, Commonwealth Games officials have specifically stated, she wasn’t, nor anyone else, lip-syncing.

“The Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games Ceremony Team advise that Christine Anu did not lip-sync during her performance tonight at the Opening Ceremony of Gold Coast 2018,” a spokesperson told News.com.au.

The official suggested there must have been a delay between the microphones and the speakers or the speakers and the telecast.