Meet the teen who says she can't possibly live off $1000 pocket money per month.

A Beverly Hills teen has called in help from Dr Phil after her mum cut her allowance back from US$5000 ($6650) a month to US$1000 ($1330) a month.

Appearing on the Dr Phil show alongside her mother Nina, 15-year-old Nicolette told the famed psychologist she couldn’t live off such a small amount of money. I mean, that won’t even begin to cover the cost of a Gucci handbag.

“I can’t deal with this,” she said.

Nicolette went on to explain that she’d basically grown up with a certain standard of living, and anything less than that was… Well, let’s not even think about how unimaginably horrific that would be.

“I grew up on a certain lifestyle. She just can’t take that away from me immediately,” she said of her mum.

“If someone took that lifestyle away from her, she wouldn’t like that. And I grew up on it, it’s all I’ve ever known.”

Aside from saying she’d spent $133,000 on her daughter in the past year alone, Nina stayed rather quiet throughout the whole segment.

But Nicolette isn’t completely unreasonable – she said she’d be willing to reach a compromise with her enabling mum.

“I need at least US$2500 a month,” she said.

Rich Teen on Dr Phil
Nicolette is furious her mum cut her allowance back to US$1000 a month. Image: Facebook

She then went on to explain the reason she needed all the extra money wasn't so she could grow her designer wardrobe, but because her mum wasn't around much, so she often needed to fend for herself on the harsh streets of Beverly Hills.

"She works all the time. She doesn’t do anything for me. She doesn’t drive me anywhere," she continued.

"Other people would have their mums drive them places... buy them food... make them food, but I have to do everything myself, and I need the funds for that."

Nicolette said that while she does eat at home occasionally, she doesn't like the mess involved, so she prefers to eat out.

"I don't like cleaning up," she said.

Rich Mum on Dr Phil
Although present, Nicolette's mum Nina stayed mostly silent throughout the segment. Image: Facebook

But more distressing than the mess is the idea she might never be the proud owner of her dream car - a Mercedes-Benz G class sports utility, which costs $307,000.

Nicolette insisted she "needs" a "G-wagon" for her 16th birthday.

"There’s no question... I need that," she said.

"I like the way it looks. I’ve wanted one for over two years now."

Unfortunately for Nicolette though, her mum will only agree to buy her a Mercedes C class car.

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It's not ideal, but as long as she doesn't look like an Uber driver, she thinks she can cope with the downgrade.

"I will accept that car, but... I will not be driving anything that could be considered an Uber X," she said.

When Dr Phil, 67, tried to reason with her, arguing not even his car cost that much, Nicolette refused to listen.

"We're talking about me here. This is my show," she told him.

Um, actually, the name of the show is Dr Phil, so...

Wow - what a time to be alive.