There's something not quite right about Bachelorette contestant Rhys' recent Instagram snaps.

It turns out former Bachelorette contestant Rhys Chilton has a little more in common with another of the show’s cast offs than perhaps we first realised.

Like the first season’s Michael Turnbull, Chilton is from Brisbane.


Okay, THERE’S MORE. It appears he’s also adopted his fellow Brisbanian’s penchant for lying tweaking his Instagram photos with Photoshop — and not in a tabloid-esque ‘how dare she put a filter on her bikini photo’ way.

In a ‘he actually photoshopped puppies onto a shirtless photo of himself’ way.

Yes, he did. He also did this kitten:

There are two possible courses of action for an ex-reality TV star caught out in photo-faking scandal during the infancy of their celebrity.

There’s the well-worn Turnbull route of: Deny, deny, deny. (A tactic he employed with some efficacy when he was caught out stealing photos of fancy champagne from Google images, wearing a fake Rolex, not attending the Logies, backing  a pyramid scheme…)

OR, there’s the newly forged Chilton path of totally owning it and, look, posting a pretty A+ follow up.

Not only did Rhys admit his fault via a series of well placed tearfully laughing emojis in the comments section of the puppy post, he also shared this:


“Just love spending time with my cub,” he captioned the dodgy photo of himself snuggled in the sheets with a baby tiger. “Can’t believe how fast he is growing!”

It’s such a solid gag, we’re not even mad.

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