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kim.rochow November 3, 2022

So good Holly x

kim.rochow June 19, 2022

Awkward? No that’s called banter. Probably rehearsed but they are such pros they make it look spontaneous. That’s his schtick….the boozy unreliable guy on Logies night and Chrissie was the best part of the Logies.

Kim R May 23, 2017

She's still married to him. She either loved him so much she Married him or had a motivation like money. Either way she's not someone I empathise with.

Kim R May 20, 2017


Kim R April 6, 2017

I agree, as an adult and a mum I can see the daughter has probably been ungrateful little bitch but that's how I was as a teenager too. I have apologised to my mum but I still cringe. Thank goodness no social media in my day. Ps I wouldn't have liked that present either.

Kim R March 30, 2017

Yeah I'd like to know what the joke was too but I'm disappointed that Ricky couldn't just offer his sympathies. I've always liked him but this is pretty bad.

Kim R March 28, 2017

I know! I was so distracted by that name but it was a good story once I got past T-Dawg lol

Kim R March 20, 2017

Excellent recap!

Kim R March 14, 2017

Agreed, people make mistakes, they get punished but their families still love them and stand by them. That's the lesson to teach her kids. She's obviously doing what she thinks is best but why does she keep speaking publicly about these decisions which her children will be able to read about one day? I think her intentions are good but misguided.

Kim R February 16, 2017

My son, when in preps, made a get well card for his teacher with a picture of her vomiting! I had to convince him to turn the vomit into a flower 😀

Kim R February 11, 2017

Years ago when I was young and single I worked in an office where I witnessed men bagging their wives but there was one lovely guy who only spoke highly of his wife and I remember thinking what a true gentleman he was. I always take note now of how a man speaks of his partner when she is not around.

Kim R January 31, 2017


Kim R January 29, 2017

Yes the looks better argument is so odd. Are they planning to put them in a penis beauty pageant ?

Kim R January 29, 2017

I find it sickening that men want it done so that their son looks like them but I can't help but think all of those men must feel like it hasn't done them too much harm. I think it's barbaric and was really disgusted that one of my friends wanted her son circumcised because it looks neater.

Kim R January 24, 2017

Well said

Kim R January 12, 2017

I have to say well said Mia, I seem to be in the minority but I agree. The only thing that has me suss is that because it was leaked I'm wondering if there is a history?

Kim R January 11, 2017

She had the baby almost a year ago so sounds like she very happily kept it. There are often stories of women not knowing they were pregnant so I don't think she was so terribly ignorant or afraid of telling anyone if that's what you mean?

Kim R January 5, 2017

Lol, Npeter, Mpeter

Kim R January 5, 2017

I agree, I can't imagine thinking some of these things let alone putting them in writing. On one hand I feel like there's a lot more enlightenment, acceptance and love in the world these days but those who want to spread vile thoughts have a bigger platform to do so. I think I usually surround myself with good people and try to read positive things so I still get shocked when I do come across the haters. For my own wellbeing I just move on, it's not worth trying to engage but they are still out there.

Kim R January 5, 2017

I'm not curious/pervy enough to google it but when I saw the headline I was curious enough to watch the post but it didn't answer much for me. Lesbians yeah sure it's not rocket science but up until recently I thought all gay men had anal sex, then someone said to me that there is a giver and a receiver in a relationship like it's a one way street....oh ok. Then I saw Stephen Fry on the TV talking about never having had anal sex giving or receiving and that he and his partner do other things...oh ok. So maybe these are the things that open minded but middle aged/slightly ignorant but willing to be educated, people like me might have watched the video for.