Wait, people are now getting procedures to... add bumps on their noses?

People are now getting nose jobs to put bumps on their noses.

I’ve waited a long time for this day. When I was a teen, I’m pretty sure I broke my nose while messing around with a friend at swimming training one afternoon. There was no blood, but it hurt like a mother, and I’ve had a small bump on my nose ever since, which I’ve been a little self-conscious about. Well, not anymore!

Yep, apparently smooth, streamlined noses are out, with the latest trend being bumps. Lovely little lumps… The Black Eyed Peas were so ahead of their time.

According to US-based plastic surgeon Dr Alexander Rivkin, people have been flocking to him to get what he’s calling a “reverse nose job”, and they’re paying upwards of $3000. Remind me to thank my friend Ethan for giving it to me for free…

Dr Rivkin has apparently seen around 200 people, all asking for a bump to be added to their noses.

According to Dr Rivkin, many of his patients had previously had nose jobs, only to later decide they were too “perfect” looking.


“This is because most of them have had some kind of rhinoplasty done at a young age and didn’t really have the time to think it all the way through,” he told Galore.

“Since they have undergone their rhinoplasties, they have now grown into themselves, and are more comfortable with their individuality.

“When these patients got their rhinoplasty in the past, they all explain they wanted to fit in. Now that they are in their 30s, they want to stand out. They are more comfortable with themselves and are seeking to return to their uniqueness. This procedure is an easy way to achieve that goal,” he explained.

But Dr Rivkin insists the bumps are “subtle”, because, let’s not go too crazy here, guys.

“The patients want a subtle imperfection like a small bump to give their nose character. But, not so much that it will take away from the aesthetic appearance,” he added.

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Interestingly, Dr Rivkin says most of his patients are well-known. Make of that what you will.

“They feel that their rhinoplasty made them look too generic, took away their unique look and they want that unique look back. It seems the majority of the people who want to do this in my practice are usually in front of the camera,” he said.

“‘Perfect’ features are no longer the goal, people want to be unique and to stand out, which I celebrate because uniqueness and individuality are always great, both in real life and on TV.”