17,500 people want Redfoo fired from his job. Is that all?



The Douchebag of the week has seen the error of his ways. Perhaps.

Redfoo has issued what is supposed to be a ‘sincere’ apology on his Facebook overnight about his horrible, horrible new song – five days after everyone called him a terrible person.

Quick refresher: Redfoo, who is supposed to be a mentor on The X Factor, rapped about telling women to “shut the fuck up” in a new ‘song’ called ‘Literally I Can’t’.

Then, the 39-year-old D-list celebrity told everyone he felt victimised by all the hate.


Then, more than 17,500 people signed a petition to get him fired from his job on The X Factor Australia.

So now, he (or possibly: his management) has issued an apology to all two of Redfoo’s remaining fans.

To my fans, friends & family who, in my mind, are one in the same,
I love you all.
Over the years, you’ve connected with me through my music, art & our personal interactions. My greatest joy & mission from day one has been to entertain people from all walks of life: the kids, parents, teens, ladies, gentlemen, cops & even the robbers.
I get excited to create things that will unite all of us through laughter, dance & celebration. If during that process I offend anyone, I apologize from the bottom of my heart. In the future I will be more mindful of the way I present my art.

And then…

The most clever of all of Redfoo’s haters last night docked his Wikipedia entry.

The addition read:

“Redfoo’s latest single is ‘Literally I Can’t’, a track in which he gleefully exacerbates rape culture, encouraging women to shut the f up because he is unable to simply address them as human beings. Redfoo is close to 40 years old but acts like an entitled, irritating child.”

Image via Wikipedia. 

Unfortunately for the entire world, the entry has been returned to its original state. For now.