Reclaim Australia rallies lead to multiple arrests and have police on high alert.

Four people have been arrested today as anti-Islamic and anti-racist protesters clash during rallies in Melton, Victoria.

Punches have been thrown among protesters, pepper spray was used and hundreds of police have worked together to separate members of the United Patriots Front and Reclaim Australia activists during a planned rally today.

Multiple fights broken out between the two protest groups with some members being hit with capsicum spray. Meanwhile in Queensland, organisers of the Brisbane Reclaim Australia rally wore Australian flags as capes and flashed check tattoos proclaiming ‘Anzac’ as they marched to the vocals of Jimmy Barnes.


The rallies took place just outside Brisbane CBD at Emma Miller Place, with fences and a strong police line.

The Brisbane Times reports that, “while the counter rally, which outnumbered the 200 or so Reclaim Australia supporters by at least 100 people, yelled ‘Muslims are welcome, racists are not’, the group on the other side asked their supporters to “bear with us, we’re having a few technical difficulties here”.