The day Rebecca Gibney almost gave up her acting career for good.

Her action-packed show Wanted is about to return for a high anticipated second season, but there was recent moment where Rebecca Gibney was ready to give acting up entirely.

It was a conversation with her 13 year old son Zachary that promptly ended it.

Listen: Rebecca Gibney tells The Binge hosts Laura Brodnik and Clare Stephens about the moment she could have walked away. 

“I often talk about the fact that [with] Wanted, we’ve lived it for the last two years, seven days a week and Zac has had to deal with that because my husband I bring it home every weekend, talking about music or editing and so he’s a little bit sick to death of it,” the actress told The Binge hosts Laura Brodnik and Clare Stephens this week.

“I did say to him ‘Darling, I am happy to step back and we’ll go live somewhere else where we don’t have to make a lot of money, you can go to a different school’.”

He thought about it for 30 seconds before giving a resounding ‘no’.

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“He said ‘Don’t be stupid! I love this life! No way, I love the fact you do what you do and I’m proud of you’.”


For Gibney, the offer came from a desire to just be there for her son.

“Just so I could be there to make his lunches and stuff, although I have been doing that quite a lot this year, even though we’ve been editing I’ve been able to take him to school and stuff,” she said.

“But, he’s proud of me. He had a friend over the other day and said, ‘Look at the Wanted promo! There’s my mum with a gun!’ He’s really impressed.”


The Australian drama series created by and starring Gibney centres around two women brought together at a bus stop and falsely accused of murder, forcing them to go on the run across the country with a car filled with stolen money.

The idea came to Gibney after a conversation with the head of drama at Channel Seven.

“She said ‘You know I’ve never seen you play anyone with a bit of edge, bit of a rough edge’ and I think she mentioned ugg boots and tracksuit pants which is what I live in, weirdly enough,” she said.


“So I wrote this character of Lola who’s been brooming around inside me for a long time. So I literally just came up with this idea of two women at a bus stop, never spoken to each other, been there for 18 months and this terrible thing happens and they end up on the run together across Australia.

Gibney in Wanted. Image: Channel Seven

"It just sort of came out of me and when I told the idea to my husband he thought it was a really good idea and so he and I just started workshopping it a bit more."


After bringing together a team, Gibney pitched it to Channel Seven who "loved it" and within weeks they were in a plotting room with writers.

With plenty of action spearheaded by two female leads, it's a rare sight on Australian TV.

"I wanted the two women to be bad asses. Got together with Tim Hobart, all of us knew that we wanted to make this road trip with these two adventurous women because it was unlike anything we'd seen on television before."


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The 52 year old was truly involved in multiple aspects of the show.

"I did a lot of the stunts in season one myself. There was one scene that I got pushed up against the wall and the stunt guy got a bit too into it and I ended up in tears but it's kind of good when it's a bit real!" she said.

"But for season two, a lot of season one was about being behind cars but when we were plotting season two we decided to do a lot of running which I forgot and I don't run so I kept saying to my stunt double 'Could you please do the running?"

As for what viewers can expect from season two?

"It starts with a bang when we realise Lola's son has been taken in Bangkok and they have to find a way there. When they get there, something else terrible happens and Lola realises the man will never stop so they turn the tables and become the hunters".

We can't wait.

Wanted season two returns to Channel 7 on Monday 5 June at 8.40pm.