Why the dressing gown is the most underappreciated item in our wardrobes.

There’s an item hanging in your wardrobe that’s feeling extremely underappreciated right now.

It’s not that sequin party skirt you’re yet to wear, the “staple” LBD, the jeans you wear everyday or even your work jacket that’s perfect for hiding evidence that you dropped your coffee on yourself just before your morning meeting.

No, rifle through your racks a bit further until you see a glimpse of a large item falling off the hanger and shoved right at the back.

Your dressing gown.


Image: FOX

"You WHAT?" I hear you cry.

"It's DAGGY/ugly/strange/unnecessary unless you are five or five hundred years old."

To that I say, as I sit snuggled in my fleece-hug-of-a-dressing gown, RUBBISH.

The confirmed, scientific*, indisputable fact of the matter is it's actually the real MVP of your wardrobe. Here's why.

1.It's an outfit in itself.

In just three swift movements - arms in, wrap across and tie up - you're completely dressed.

2. It's an instant hug.

Wrapping yourself up in a big, thick, fluffy dressing gown is like giving yourself an instant, delicious fleece-hug. Mmmmm.


3. It's perfect for when it's cold.

AND saves you money on your heating bill. Brilliant.

4. And it's perfect for when it's hot too.

You know when you've put the air con on and it's just getting a litttle bit chilly?


5. It has pockets.

SO underrated. And they have the same magical ability as Mary Poppins' carpet bag in that they can hold an endless amount of stuff. Great for finding lost tissues mid cry/snotty nose run.

6. It prevents awkward nudey run ins.

Protecting you against mortifying naked bathroom-to-bedroom dashes since 1654*.

Image: Instagram/@mileycyrus

7. It's the most useful outfit to throw on.

Can't decide what to wear to go out? Pop on your dressing gown and procrastinate for a few hours.


8. It's simultaneously sexy AND cozy.

Everyone knows you haven't got anything on under there...


9. It's the ultimate jumper/blanket hybrid.

And so much easier to get snacks in than a doona wrap.

10. It goes with everything...

...Because it covers everything else. (We're looking at you, holey pyjamas.)

11. It's not constricting.

Perfect for when you've got a stomach ache/are pregnant/have eaten your weight in chocolate mousse.

And much easier to walk around in than this. Image: Bridget Jones' Diary, Canal Films

12. It will fit you forever.

Been going to the gym regularly and drinking green smoothies? It will fit. Been 'bloated' for the last two years? It will still fit.

13. There's no need for pants.

Or underwear, for that matter.

14. It can make your home feel like a fancy hotel.

You know those luxury towelling robes you only get on holiday? Treat yourself to a towelling robe and you can feel that way all the time at home. Bonus points for those hilarious slippers.

15. You can get away with not wearing clothes all day.

And you'll never be underdressed or overdressed because you are TECHNICALLY WEARING A GOWN.


16. They're unisex.

Perfect for nauseating couple dressing.

17. You can get away without washing it regularly.

Gross but admit it - we all do it.

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