Mark Latham admits to being behind the trolling twitter account @TheRealMarkLatham.

Latham finally confessed to what most people had already suspected.

That offensive twitter account, titlted @RealMarkLatham? It was him. It was, to put it plainly, the real Mark Latham.

It was not “Mitch Carter, legend, of Monks Lane, Mount Hunter, Lathos mate from school”, as the account proclaimed.

 It was not “Bachir Mustaffa, taxi driver extraordinaire writing these tweets with my one good arm”.

It was not even the “Bucks Night Porno Man rooting a two-headed donkey”.


It was actually Mark Latham who publicly attacked some of Australia’s most prominent and respected women.

Mark Latham admitted to Karl Stefanovic on the second episode of The Verdict on Channel 9 last night that he was behind the account. “Was the real Mark Latham @TheRealMarkLatham?” He put his hands up and said “100 per cent. I’m here.”

The question is now whether we should laugh or cry? 

Latham’s account peddled derogatory slurs against several of his favourite targets including Rosie Batty, Catherine McGregor and Lisa Pryor.

His tweets went further than his divisive AFR columns but echoed his furious rage against the ‘left feminist conspiracy’ on issues like mental illness, domestic violence, racism, sexism and motherhood.

His columns were a blemish on Australian media and his tweets a dark and irrevocable stain. They were often foul, furious and incoherent; a precursor to the behaviour he displayed at the Melbourne Writer’s Festival earlier this year.  


Latham has lost his column, he’s lost the anonymity behind his twitter account and he lost it on stage in Melbourne.

He still has a prime-time television platform but how much longer can that possibly last?

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