real life

This is what happens when you meet people you're friends with on Facebook in real life.

Have you got friends on Facebook, that you can barely even remember who they are? Someone you met at a work conference, or from your high school days, who you never interact with in real life? Many people (read: almost everybody) does.

YouTube filmmaker Greg Benson set out to surprise some of his Facebook friends by interacting with them in real life – an activity which is almost unheard of these days.

What made the reunion a little more awkward, is that Benson had NEVER ACTUALLY MET any of these people in real life before.

Greg ends up befriending a man who collects awesome lego, and a model who lives in a castle. So, you know. It was clearly a worthwhile experiment.

Do you have friends on Facebook who you have never met? If someone turned up on your doorstep as part of a ‘real life Facebook video’, would you hang out with them? Or call the authorities?