Can you see yourself in this video? Maybe you can see your partner, or mother, or brother. Maybe you can see your friends. Maybe you can see, well, almost anyone in the first world.

Social media, and our ability to constantly communicate with one another, can be really useful. And convenient. And efficient. But it’s also incredibly addictive. Most of us have probably felt a thrill when we receive a new text message, or felt chuffed when a new profile picture receives double-digits likes on Facebook, or mulled over which filter to apply to an Instagram photo to make it look even better than the real thing.

But even with so much digital communication, a lot of us are feeling less connected than ever before.

That’s the feeling, the feeling of social media addiction, that Charlene deGuzman, the writer and actress in I Forgot My Phone, was trying to capture with her short film. The video has been viewed over 18,000,000 times.

Please share and together, let’s remember that it’s okay to put the phone down, step away from our social media addiction and just enjoy a moment.

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