People on the internet are saying some really sh*tty things about Caitlyn Jenner.

FFS, world.

When Caitlyn Jenner revealed herself on the cover of Vanity Fair yesterday, 99 per cent of the world were supportive, encouraging and kind.

The leaders of the pack have been Jenner’s family. Yesterday was the day the Kardashians became a force for good; in responding to Caitlyn’s transition in such a supportive manner, they have played a part in creating a more tolerant, kinder world.

But like everything in life, there are always the one per cent who try to ruin everything.

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Take former actor and now washed up douchebag Drake Bell, for example.

The 28-year-old former Nickelodeon star tweeted “Sorry. Still calling you Bruce.” which he later deleted.

Equally concerning was when Australian journalist and host of Media Watch Paul Barry tweeted about ‘Bruce Jenner’, referring to Caitlyn as ‘he’ while saying he’s sick of the media hype around Jenner.

He later clarified that he was concerned more about the 199 million Twitter hits for Jenner’s name before the Vanity Fair reveal.

Some media outlets also took the moment to compare Caitlyn to other celebrity women, like actress Jessica Lange. Probably not the time, guys.


While rapper/irrelevant person Timbaland posted his ill-informed, rude opinion on his Facebook page.

Then there was a Fox News presenter who said Caitlyn’s reveal was just a stunt to one-up Kim Kardashian’s pregnancy announcement.

The presenter also chose to refer to Caitlyn as a ‘he’ seven times during this clip.

We also had an American news anchor turn the soon-to-be iconic cover into a chance to poke fun at Caitlyn’s appearance.

The Associated Press just couldn’t wrap its head around the correct pronouns – or even name – even though it was is big, bold letters on the Vanity Fair cover.

While it’s disheartening to read, the negative reactions are the minority in this situation. The public support for Caitlyn has been overwhelming, thankfully drowning out the few ill-informed, negative comments.

And it seems that the people who count in Caitlyn’s life support her decision, which is all that really matters.



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