ROADTEST: 'I tried the new red wine face mask. Within moments, my face started to tingle.'

I’m just going to go ahead and say it: Face masks are overrated. They’re cold and feel gross and every time I put one on for “self care” it honestly ruins my day.

With that being said, when I found out about Rawkanvas' new Clarifying Red Wine mask, I knew I had to try it. Why? Because red wine.

The face mask came in a little glass pot WITH an application brush. I know right, super luxe. It also smelt AMAZING! Like a fancy tea party. 

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The face mask came with instructions which I thoroughly studied because I am an amateur who has absolutely no idea what they're doing. 

What I really like about the product is that it gives you multiple options on how to use it to suit your needs. Being a one product fits all sort of gal, this was right up my alley. 

From the instructions, you can apply the face mask four different ways: on the full face by diluting it with water, on congested areas only such as the nose or chin, on spots or blemishes only, or a very thin layer across the whole face. 


Because I am a crazy person who lives by GHOGH (go hard or go home) I ignored the instructions completely and applied a very thick layer across my whole face. Big mistake. 

The concept of the facemask is to increase circulation and blood flow to achieve skin transformation. Because of this, it is common to feel a warm and tingly sensation. 

My face... burned.

At first it was one of those good burns, where it almost feels pleasant because it makes you think that something is working. But this burn got to the point where my eyes were watering and my face just went completely numb. I know, it’s my own fault for going rogue.

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Rawkanvas messaged me within minutes of posting the above Instagram story (10/10 social media team) and told me that if I used the mask on my nose or chin, I shouldn’t feel as much heat because those areas are thicker, whereas the forehead and cheeks do feel most of the heat as the skin there is thinner – so blood is closer to the surface.

I found this super interesting, although it was too late. Rawkanvas, if you’re reading this, I’m so sorry for being such a pathetic trialler.

After I washed it off, my face was super red for a few minutes (again, I blame myself). But then, literally 10 minutes after application, I felt great. I could visibly see the difference in my skin. I looked more awake, glowy and my skin felt plump and clean.

I hate to toot my own horn but the next day I looked even better. Most of my tiny blemishes were completely gone. 

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Being super impressed with this facemask I decided to try it again the next week (as per instructions). 

This time, I only used a tiny bit with A LOT of water. Not going to lie, it still burned quite a bit and the results weren’t quite as noticeable as the first trial. 

Although this was the first face mask I’ve tried that I actually believe has worked, as I mentioned before, I’m such an amateur when it comes to skincare that I think this product would be more suited to people who actually know what they’re doing with their skin.

Also FYI, it tasted nothing like red wine. Don’t pretend you weren’t going to try it.

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