What happened when we tried the viral beauty products you keep seeing on your Instagram feed.

Ever scrolled through your Instagram feed and wondered just how good those ‘viral’ beauty products really are?

Me too – so I decided to volunteer myself as tribute/guinea pig/good Samaritan and see whether they can be translated in real life or if they’re best left to the Instagram world.

Spoiler alert: some turned out better than others.

Image: Mamamia

On the testing table this time were a peel-off lip tattoo, a rainbow highlighter and a shimmer scrub made out of the tears of unicorns (probably).

Check out the video above for the first impressions and results.

I was pleasantly surprised by the Frank Body Shimmer Scrub, $19.95 (currently out of stock but hopefully being brought back soon). While the sandy-like scrub features bits of glitter, the result on the skin is actually really beautiful and subtle and would be perfect for summer.

The Models Prefer K-Beauty Peel-Off Lip Tattoo, $12.99, is novelty fun that's actually worth the mess. The stain lasted a good 24 hours, held it's colour and not going to lie - it was pretty fun to peel off.

Then there's the Models Prefer Soft Touch Powder in Rainbow (currently unavailable).

I wanted to love it - and maybe I just didn't master it - but I honestly looked like I'd done a cheek-to-cheek kiss with a smurf. No matter where I swiped, I ended up with a sparkly bright blue stripe on my cheek.

If you're creating an artistic look or like your highlighter very, very, very bold then it's worth a try. The actual texture is very fine and blendable and it does look pretty.

But for every day in the office? Probably not.

What viral/popular on Instagram beauty products would you like us to try next?