The Morning Show surprised Rachael Finch with a throwback video that made her gasp and laugh.


The Morning Show has shared a blast from Rachael Finch‘s past and holy moly, what a difference time (and a change in hair style) makes.

Sharing the 2007 throwback while the presenter and model sat on the show’s couch with her three-year-old daughter Violet, Finch was in fits of laughter before asking hosts Larry Emdur and Kylie Gillies, “Why did you choose to bring up that rubbish?”

rachael finch miss australia
Rachael Finch in her debut appearance on The Morning Show back in 2007. Source: Channel 7.

The footage was recorded when Finch, now a mum-of-two and published author, was still a finalist in the Miss Australia pageant.

Speaking alongside her fellow finalist Maddie Taylor, a then 19-year-old Finch said, "Next year I hope to break into television and film. It's something I just I think I'm more suited for and would like to explore."

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Clearly, Finch followed her dreams; she's been a stalwart of Australian television ever since, appearing on Dancing With the Stars, Celebrity Masterchef and working as a roving reporter for Channel 7 ever since.

"Was that a helmet or was that a hairstyle?" Finch said still laughing on the couch. "I can't even see my clothes," she continued.

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Naturally, Violet found the whole thing hilarious and couldn't stop giggling alongside her famous mum.

But in addition to a change in hair and fashion sense, just about every other aspect of Finch's life seems to have changed during the decade as well.

In January 2013, Finch married dancer Michael Miziner, and just nine months later the pair welcomed their daughter, Violet. In March 2017, the pair welcomed a son, Dominic.