The most effective hack to clean your house fast, according to a cleaning expert.

We're all out here stretched to our limits at the moment, right?

Between work, managing finances, running your kids' ever-growing social schedules, fitting in some skerrick of exercise, maybe getting the grey roots on your head finally covered... there's little time left to, say, you know, get some sleep.

After all of that, of course we still need to find a chance to keep the house in some sort of order. And that can often feel like such a mammoth task that we get bogged down in the magnitude of what needs to be done, and often just let it... pile up

And while that's nothing to truly stress about in the scheme of things (it is what it is, eh?), we may have just discovered the most efficient home cleaning solution ever to end your messy house woes.

Enter TikTok creator Cindell Kimbrough, a former professional cleaner who has turned her knack for getting things sparkling clean into content for the masses. Her handy tips on how to get literally everything in your life spruced up have garnered her more than 100,000 followers and millions of views on her videos.

And look, not to overstate things, but one of her most viral videos (to the turn of 4.7 million views) might just change your life. In the video, she details the very specific process she uses to clean her home, promising it is the most efficient way to tidy a home from top to toe.

Kimbrough picked up these tricks during her years as a professional cleaner, when it was her job to turn around a house quickly and thoroughly.

Here are her steps to get your home sparkling clean, quick smart — because who are we to gate keep?


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Video via TikTok/@cindellkimbrough.

Step 1: One room at a time.

As we mentioned, looking at your house as an entire dirty entity can be incredibly overwhelming. Kimbrough suggests combating this mental hurdle by compartmentalising the space, and breaking the cleaning into rooms or, in the case of things like hallways, sections.

"If it's a big open space [like a hallway], make it into a room," she says. "If I make myself do this, I clean so fast."

Step 2: Declutter the floors.

Image: TikTok/@cindellkimbrough


Before you can get to any sweeping, vacuuming or wiping, the first step is to get any stuff that's on the floor off the floor. (Kids' rooms, we're looking at you.) Pack anything that's on the floor away, and put it all where it belongs.

Although, there is a caveat to this...

Step 3: Focus only on the room you're working on.

Image: TikTok/@cindellkimbrough


Say you're cleaning the room and find an item that does not belong in there — what do you do? You pick it up and take it to the room it belongs in, right? 

WRONG. (Sorry, we don't make the rules.)

Kimbrough says this is an inefficient way to clean your house because then you immediately start cleaning the other room you've just strolled into, leaving the first space unfinished. 

Instead, she suggests placing whatever item needs to be moved just outside the door of the room you're working on, and taking it all away once you've completely finished cleaning the space you're in.

Step 4: Break the room into corners.

Once the centre is clear of clutter, pick a corner to start in and go around the room, focusing on one corner at a time. This is another 'mind over matter' hack to help break down a messy space into more manageable smaller areas. Just like you're breaking down the house by combating one room at a time, you can apply the same theory to the room or space you're working on. 

Work your way around until you get back to where you started.

Step 5: Do a quick dust.

Image: TikTok/@cindellkimbrough


Once the space is clutter-free and all the room's contents are in their rightful places, Kimbrough gets to work on dusting — everything from the skirting boards and doors to bench tops and tables.

Her tool of the trade is a small microfiber cloth which she dampens lightly to pick up and hold the dust, and again, she goes around the room, working from corner to corner. 

And don't forget to close the door and dust the back when you get back to the start. 

Step 6: Finish with the floors.

Image: TikTok/@cindellkimbrough


This might be a no-brainer but once you've followed all of the above steps, you're going to finish the room by cleaning the floors. 

If you have carpet, that means a vacuum, and if you have hardwood floors, it'll be a vacuum and mop combo. We know, we know, it's arguably the least enjoyable part of cleaning but truly the most satisfying once you've finished.

And as for step seven — that's the self-care you now have time for. Enjoy!

Feature Image: TikTok/@cindellkimbrough

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