A definitive ranking of the most emotional moments from Queer Eye.


My name is Keryn and I cry a lot.

I cry in movies. I cry when I read books. One time I cried when I ate a falafel because I thought it was going to be kofta and I was disappointed.

I’m crying a little bit now as I write this.

But no TV show has made me cry tears of joy and sadness and just overwhelming goddamn love for the human race more than Netflix’s reboot of Queer Eye.

It’s tear-jerking goodness of the best kind.


Anyone who has watched it knows what I’m talking about.

If you haven’t yet watched it – you’re in for a real treat.

Here’s a definitive list of all the Queer Eye moments when I most definitely had something in my eye:

  1. In episode four when AJ read out a letter he had written to his deceased dad about being gay and came out to his step mum at the same time.
  2. Then he introduced his step mum to his partner and HOLY HECK IT WAS BEAUTIFUL.
  3. In episode five when Bobby Camp, a religious dad-of-six, told the Fab 5 they might not be loved by the church but are by his family… “You were LOVED here.”
  4. In episode one when 57-year-old Tom kept saying “You can’t fix ugly”, then they made him over and he cried. Then they cried. Then we all cried.
  5. In episode six when white policeman Cory, and Fab 5’s Karamo Brown, had an honest discussion about police brutality and the Black Live Matters movement. They agreed if both sides could get together and listen to each other, perhaps they would find some common ground.
  6. In episode five when they created a board so the six kids could pitch in and do some chores and the mum just looked so goddamn grateful and relieved.
  7. In episode seven when “Below Average Joe” worked up the courage to ask his friend Chloe out on a date and then planted a big ole’ kiss right on her while the Fab 5 screamed out in joy from their loft.
  8. In episode one when Jonathan and Bobby taught Tom about how harmful and reductive gay stereotypes could be, with such patience and compassion, and he JUST GOT IT.
  9. In episode two when they made over Indian-American Neal and helped him break down his barriers and then he hugged them all. HE HUGS THEM ALL.
  10. In the season finale when they makeover the fire house for all the hot firemen. There was so much bonding… and so much hotness.

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