Brother of social media star confesses to her murder, says he has "no regrets" about killing her.

The brother of slain Pakistani social media star Qandeel Baloch told police he murdered “for honour”.

Waseem Azeem, who was arrested on Saturday, confessed to drugging his sister and strangling her on Friday while their parents slept.

“Waseem confessed to his crime, saying he killed his sister for honour because of her recent objectionable videos, mostly posted on Facebook,” Multan City police chief Azhar Akram told reporters, according to the ABC.

“Yes of course, I strangled her… I was determined either to kill myself or kill her,” Azeem said as he was being led away.

“She was on the ground floor while our parents were asleep on the rooftop. It was around 10.45pm when I gave her a tablet… and then killed her.”

Baloch, whose real name is Fauzia Azeem and is believed to be in her twenties, shot to fame in Pakistan in 2014 after a video of her pouting at the camera and asking “How em looking?” went viral.

Qandeel Baloch was not afraid to be different (post continues after video):

Video via Qandeel Baloch

She was an outspoken feminist and widely seen as a symbol for female empowerment in the conservative country.

Her death has sent a shock wave across social media and caused an outpouring of grief from her hundreds of thousands of followers across Facebook and Twitter.

Nearly 1000 women are murdered each year in Pakistan in so-called “honour killings”, usually by family members who claim they’ve brought shame onto the community.

Overwhelmingly those responsible walk free because of a law allowing relatives of the victim to forgive the murderer.

“I am not embarrassed at all over what I did,” Azeem said.

“Whatever was the case, it [his sister’s behaviour] was completely intolerable.”